Jesus Christ
Youre welcome from jesus
Your one true lord and savior.


White like my soul


Str: 4, Agi: 4, Res: 2, Wis: 3, Soc: 7, Miracles:7

Signature Weapons:

Wonderful Christian miracles


Lord and savior

Played by:


"God wants you to be armless. Do not play god."

The only thing you need to know, is that he loves you.

Adventure SummaryEdit

Nigga, he's Jesus. What? You just expect the messiah to sit around NOT adventuring all day?

This man is known to fuck off and suck at everything, rolling a 1 when trying to fuck over his partymates, and a 100 whenever he actually needs a good roll.

Notable FeatsEdit

-Successfully turned whiskey into wine

-Successfully stopped a Paladin from healing himself

-Was successfully mouthraped by birds

-Successully Won the Guiness world record for "World's Worst Hangover"

-Successfully died after successfully getting his dick bitten off while he was successfully sucking a demon's dick