Xeph the Time Wizard
Time and Space cannot hold me.




Str 1 - Res 3 - Agi 4 - Wis 8 - soc 1 - Time Shifter 10

Signature Weapon:

Time itself



Played by:


"Back to the future or future to the back?"

Xeph has always been interested in time and space and how it works. He studied at multiple magic schools and academies but none of them had what he was really looking for. One day he was strolling through one of the libraries and found a very old dusty book and when he opened it the idea of how time magic worked and what to do to make it complete with little problems. So he went to work and found the right equations and made an entire spell book filled with nothing but equations and how to do certain things with the space and time continuum. So he adventures through time and space with random adventures when ever he pleases.

Adventure SummaryEdit

He does whatever he wants.

Notable FeatsEdit

-bringing fourth a lump mass of 2 bodies

-reviving a dead brother

-Causing the Trains of Time to almost collide with each other.