Valveria, Capital city of Vearpi.


Vearpian Continent

Town type:


Prime Export:



King Gaben the Third

Valveria, Captail city of Vearpi is the go-to place for adventurers, them being  either rugged veterans, or greenie murderhobos. Having the biggest population on the continent, it's job board is always filled with all manners of assignments, varying from getting rid of a rat infestation, to molesting a centaur, to killing this annoying dragon that's wiping out villages left and right.

Ruled by King Gaben the Third, the town thrives in it's economy of HATS, exporting their beautiful masterworks to all over the continent. It is said that the reserves of the Bank of Steamy Waters rival King Gaben's size itself.

Anything can be found in Valveria. Even chinese knock-off restaurants.

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