Fagian Plains
Plains of Fagia.


Vearpian Continent

Location type:

Open Ground


Wild animals, a small amount of highwaymen, wandering knights.

An enormous expanse located at the north of Vearpi, the Plains of Fagia serve as a location for all the Fagian houses. The area itself is littered with multiple ruins of Old Fagia, one of which is rumoured to be the location where all families of Fagian descent signed a treaty - Avalon. These ruins are usually prime spots for highwaymen to prey on unwary travelers, as they've long been looted and abandoned.

The plains contain a multitude of roads leading to each house's Estate. The variety of routes and landmarks tends to confuse first-time travellers to the land, therefore, having a map is invaluable when exploring the Plains.

The area is also littered with lakes, ranging from massive reservoirs, to small water bodies no bigger than a house - however, oddly enough, there only exist two rivers located at opposite ends of the plains.

It is known to snow on the far north of the plains.

A map of the plains and provinces.