8 STR/3 AGI/5 RES/1 WIS/2 SOC/ 8 Riding

Signature Weapons:

Halberd & Long Sword


Charging, impaling, Cavalier.

Played by:



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Rylan is a cavalier, from the order of the Red Sun. Deciding not to be held down by army life, he went off in search of adventure, fame, riches, and a noble cause to fight for. As long as a maiden needs saving, a dragon to be slain, or a tyrant king to be over thrown, he and his horse, Ironheart will be there to lend a hand.

Adventure SummaryEdit

His first adventure had him as a stand in council member, and defending the town from tiny men, and dragons. His prowess with a halberd, sword, and keen riding abilites can make him a great ally, or a great foe.

Notable FeatsEdit

-Helped a team of heroes fend off an invasion of dragons, and saved a race of tiny men from extinction.

-In some time in the future, Rylan came out of retirement, but then died in a horse explosion.