Nathan "Blitzster" Sharpe, Rocket Knight




5 STR/4 AGI/3 RES/1 WIS/6 SOC/8 Rocket

Signature Weapon:

Rocket Jetpack


Knight / Scout

Played by:


"Justice is like a glacier. A slow, solid mass that stops for no man. Unlike any other land, it is a class of it's own. No grass, no dirt, no soil. Just ice. Pure, solid, just ice."

Nathan Sharpe, AKA "Blitzer", is the leader of the Rocket Knight Brigade. In a world filled with glorified mercenaries, heroes in name only, Rocket Knights use their rocketeering expertise and slim aerodynamic armor to right what is deemed wrong or unjust in the world. His goal is to inspire a generation of what he calls "True" heroes, and bring a new age of prosperity for all.

Or at least that's one of his cover stories. Really, he just fucking loves the attention and the glory. The RKB is pure fluff. Still, you have to wonder if he's got an ulterior motive...

Adventure SummaryEdit

Nathan was previously a founding member of the "Technos Army", a high-technology army of daredevilry and showmen. This changed when the Technos Army was entirely slaughtered in a massive fight, leaving Nathan the only man living. Now deeming himself "Blitzer, the lone Rocket Knight", Blitzer took his jetpack, rocketed out in search of justice, and never looked back.

If you've learned anything from this article so far you'd know that's bullshit, seeing as it contradicts with the tale up there. He basically stole the jetpack on a bar bet and became intoxicated by the idea of being a hero.

Notable FeatsEdit

-Owns a jetpack, an extreme rarity. Possibly one of a kind.

-Almost single-handedly wiped out a tribe of lizardmen by tackling into them, creating a giant explosion that either injured or killed all.

-Has survived having his entire upper half torn from his lower half, and having his own sword impaled into him.

-Claims to have singlehandedly slain a zombie giant with one clean swipe.

-Slain one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War.

-Blasting through a moist, tight, deep cavern, Blitzer rocketed alongside a bear-riding knight, into a drow shield formation. This is officially the fourth best thing ever.

-After escaping a ladder tunnel full of giant spiders, Blitzer shared a tearful goodbye with his now-dead comrade's bear, and shoved the bear down the pit, to grant the bear his revenge. This is officially the third best thing ever.

-The bear's sacrifice only bought Blitzer's escaping group some time out of the cavern. Blitzer turned around, and faced the storm of giant man-eating spiders head-on. This is officially the second best thing ever.

-Upon contact, the spiders stopped, and circled around Blitzer and a Drow, who claimed to control the spiders, and wished for a 1 on 1 fight. After handily decapitating him, Blitzer took the drow's helmet crown and became Spider King Blitzer. This is officially the best thing ever.