Red the Wolfgirl
Now With More Tits
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Red (No shit, Sherlock!)


Str: 7, Agi: 4, Res: 6, Wis: 2, Soc: 5, Special (Fury): 3

Signature Weapon:



Experienced Little Shit

Played by:

Brolaire of ASStora

Red the Wolfgirl sniffs once, loudly.

Red the Wolfgirl is a self-proclaimed "professional adventurer", having spent around 4 years of her 15 16 year life travelling the lands and beating things to a bloody pulp for pleasure and profit. As such, she has many, many issues; the foremost of which being her overwhelming immaturity and general lack of defined morality. What else can you expect from someone raised by abusive werewolves before being kidnapped rescued by a travelling bard? Despite all of the grief that she will inevitably cause, Red has cried and clawed her ways into the hearts of many adventurers - likely because none of them are going to risk the violent backlash that will come if they don't tolerate her presence.

Adventure SummaryEdit

Red's career as an adventurer began after being taken from her Lumberton home by the murderhobo noble bard Baehlich. Being the good parental figure that he is, Baehlich proceeded to raise the supposed half-werewolf (no, we don't know either) in the glamorous life of an adventurer, seeing the world and killing things for gold. To this day, Red still continues her adventure driven rampage across the lands, usually having forced her way into a group of unfortunate heroes after having wandered off from Baehlich, much to the latter's chagrin. Despite her relatively large amount of experience, she has nothing to show for it in terms of deeds, possessions or wisdom. Just like most adventurers.

Notable FeatsEdit

-While she has few notable achievments, Red has shown a natural talent for destruction - in particular doors and walls - in addition to her consistent performance when savagely beating the enemy with her freakish strength.

-Once accidentally summoned Brolaire's Holy Penis and used it to launch a werewolf into the distance, killing it and routing the rest of the werewolf pack as nobody was going to fuck with the wolfgirl that has the intimidating, divine cock.

-Has awesome, rockin' tits. Yes, even if she is underage. No, you can't bring attention to them. It seems that the Boobs of Steel trope is in full effect; thank you, Rollbot!

-Red simultaneously knows more than she really should and less than what should be expected from your average 15 year old. This is considered a feat as it is outright jarring to hear the wolfgirl discuss Fagian military tactics before asking for the meaning of the term 'good.'

-She is objectively the cutest monstergirl.

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