Nas legas

A foul shit drawing of the sign at the entrance of Nas Legas

Nas Legas is a city in which people from all over Vearpi will gladly gamble away their life savings, win their long awaited fortunes, hire the finest hookers money can buy and generally have a good time. It is famous across the world for its casINNs, the establishments in which gambling games of all types can be found.

Even adventurers have been getting in on the action here in Nas Legas, recently the monk Mr. Lister the Fister, the Necro-Paladin Tubey and an air elemental had been playing in one of our fabulous casINNs and won themselves a jackpot of over 8000 gold. With this money they have purchased the casINN "The Electric Boogaloo", now renowned for its appeal to adventurers.