Here's the "tales" section, where tales of bravado, bravery, and bitches are written down and recorded, all for you to feast your stupid eyes upon!

Any notable locations, NPC's, or player characters will be linked.

Tiny Little Men - DM'ed by OrganatorEdit

A gripping tale of shoes, anal enemas, and midgets named after pop musicians! Watch in awe as the first game people ever really bothered to log comes to /life/!


-Knight Swordfag

-The Dildo Mage

-Violet the Catgirl

-Archer Itch

-Lancer Arco

-Cavalier Rylan

TFDM's Arena Challenge! - DM'ed by TFDMEdit

4 people. 1 team. 12 legs. The scene is set, as a rag-tag team of a pilot, a pyromancer, a dildomancer, and a mad fucking lunatic must work together! Special Cameo by Fist Monk.


-Combat Ace


-Pyromancer Violet

-Fleshmancer Blue

Dance, Labyrinth Dance - DM'ed by TheGoddamnedDMEdit

Who knew muffins could taste so shitty? The Labyrinth calls spellcasters together in a dash for "The MacGuffin"! If they can open the fucking door...


-The Dildo Mage

-Archivist Almast

-Necromancer Atropos

-Priestess Violet

-Brokyrie of ASStora

The Train Reckoning- DM'ed by EdgerdEdit

Join the Edgerd and his intrepid band of players, as they fight their way through the BLACK SPIRE. Watch this train wreck crash and burn, and DM Edgerd decend into mediocrity! ALLL ABOARD THE TRAIN! *WOOT WOOT*


-Dildo, The Mage

-Purple The Gunslinger

-DoomJaw, The Berserker

-Entomancer?, the Entromacer?

-Rai, the Wind Walker

/v/RPPD Case Files : The Minotaur - DM'ed by JimEdit

One's a Swordsman. One's a Gunslinger. One's a Field Medic. They're gonna have to work together to get to the bottom of a suspicious fight at the Colosseum. BOSSMAN'S GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT.


-Knight Swordfag

-Gunslinger Purple

-Doctor Alistair Pine

-Dildo Mage

-Cavalier Rylan

-Revenge Seeker Lowell Jean Francoise Chevallier de Leonardo a Caprio Daftar

The Night After or: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying, Sit Down and Relax for a Bit, Try and Read or Something, Maybe Eat a Cheese Sandwich, and Basically Do Anything Other Than Obsessively Think About Being Obliterated in a Massive Fucking World Melting Catastrophe - DM'ed by PurpleEdit

What do you do when you awake, chained in a dark room, completely unaware of what happened last night? If you answered "Rip out the wall, punch the window open, and save the world", you're gonna love this tale!


-Sir Pennington The Third

-Ogre Marksman Gurglap

-Paladin Reive


-Doctor Alistair Pine

Mr Bones' Wild Holiday: Safety Dance at the Volcano 2: Enter the Fist! - DM'ed by AlmastEdit

HERE WE GO AGAIN(?!) Let us read the exploits of a skeleton tied to a wheel, just trying to have an enjoyable vacation. A paladin that likes to FIST the shit out of things, while trying to make his way home to Valveriea! With their dancing friend, that just wants to dance!


Mr.Bones, The Skeleton Wheel

Sir Gwaine, The Fist Paladin

Dragas, The Dancer

Mr.Bones' Wild Holiday 2: Escape from the evil demon pirate ship of darkness 2: A battle of fist, bow, wheel, and magic! - DM'ed by AlmastEdit

HOOOO SHEET NIGGA! HERE WE GO AGAIN (FO REALS, YO) Time for the contiued adventures of Mr. Bones, Sir Gwaine, Dragas, and there new friend, Violetta and Melibar! This shit is CHHHHERRRZY! How will these niggas get to Valveriea, DON'T FUCKING LOOK AT ME READ!


Mr.Bones, The Skeleton Wheel

Sir Gwaine, The Fist Paladin

Dragas, The Dancer

Violetta, The Archer

Melibar, The (Unsubtle) Mage Knight

Crustaceans, Cleaners, and Centaurs, oh my! Part One: SPESS - DM'ed by PurplePimpEdit

What happens when you wake up drunk on a space station, tasked with killing horrible experiments and mutants? A lot more organs being sucked out assholes then there really should be. Notable for having 1.3 player deaths per hour!


Arbalist Gcaison

Cunning Stunt The Centaur

Stephen Hawking, JR.

Manlydude McKatar

Tan, The Wildcard

Trogg the Pugilist

Necromancer Atropos


Delay the CQC Wizard

Yonder Sandy Spectres - DM'ed by OrganatorEdit

A spooky scary spectre leads a party of hapless heroes into danger, through deserts, forestry, and mountains. This can only go well! Warning: Contains a lot of cat.


Sacred Mountain Monk

Chef Dragas

Rocket Knight

Wind Mage Symmy

Ted the Peasant


Lady Bitchworth

Fagquest Part 1: Highly Flammable Haystacks - DM'ed by Swordfag (A/v/RP)Edit

Dragons, sluttery, and roast beef! The most dysfunctional /v/RP "family" ever lays it's roots in the quaint little village of "NotGoingToBurnToTheGround"! Part 1 of a on-going saga. First game to use the A/v/RP ruleset!


Priestess Clerica

Duelist Dragas

Summoner Symmy

Broccubi of ASStora

Arden Vanguard

Archer Rabilem

Fagquest Part 2: The Adventurer's Guild - DM'ed by Swordfag (A/v/RP)Edit

Unlikely new friends in Snow Town prove to be both a hassle, a blessing, and just outright assholes to our party! Notable for trying a new "hub" system and a "summon" system, and being exceptionally fucking long. 2MANYHEROES4U


Too many to list! Heroes

Fagquest Part 3: MacGuffins and the Super Guard - DM'ed by Swordfag (A/v/RP)Edit

Watch as the epic quest goes even further, as our heroes fight doublemancers, learn about ancient legends, find a bunch of wannabe robots, and discover one of the strongest beings of Vearpi. Known for introducing a bunch of new adventurers, aswell as the first (sucessful) use of the hub system!


Too many to list! Heroes

Fagquest Part 4: Helyrot and the lost temple of Dildonia - DM'ed by Swordfag (A/v/RP)Edit

The adventure continues, as our brave adventurers trek to the desertic parts of Vearpi, try to rape a bard, and collects two ancient weapons of power! Contains plenty of dragons and penises. Also, they nuke a mountain.


Too many to list! Heroes

Fagquest Part 5: The Siege of Snowtown - DM'ed by Swordfag (A/v/RP)Edit

Watch as the party does ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING to advance the plot, and instead, dicks around doing oddjobs for people! Until an old friend comes to visit. And by visit, I mean burninate. And by burninate, I mean dead.


Too many to list! Heroes

Fagquest Part 6: Dork Souls - DM'ed by Swordfag (A/v/RP)Edit

Our adventurers progress on their journey, running around and collecting ancient souls to empower their weapons while using a mechanical radar to locate mystical objects, and also fight a massive army, and a powerful ally. COMPLETELY ORIGINAL CONCEPT DO NOT STEAL.


Too many to list! Heroes

Fagquest Part 7: Dragonslayers - DM'ed by Swordfag (A/v/RP)Edit

It all comes to a head (hehe) in this short, but action packed episode! Our heroes clash with their legendary foe, and finally complete their adventure... or so it seems!


Too many to list! Heroes


OHBOBDOB, lets read the silly adventure of a karate cheetah man, cat-girl, a gorila doctor, and a zombie cat-girl on a quest for toothpaste! HAHA TIME FOR AUTISM, AND KARATE!!!






Unholy Crusade: Killing the Questline - DM'ed by LionFlareEdit

A Paladin and his magical car have gone through time...but in which direction and how long? Can they stop arguing amongst themselves long enough to figure out where they are? You probably won't find out!





The Dynamic Duo in: Lich Quest - DM'ed by YourLordAndSaviorJesusChristEdit

The amazing chronicles of nobody's favorite duo Swordfag and Violet continue, in a spooky quest that elevates from lich hunting to... well, lich hunting.


-Knight Swordfag

-Violet the Catgirl

Wizards and Wubstep - DM'ed by plsEdit

One game. 4 wizards. 22 lines of text.


-Purple Wizard

-Blue Wizard

-That One Wizard

-Mauve Wizard

Power Quest: The Adventure Begins - DM'ed by EdgerdEdit

Looks like it's time for Edgerd to DM another horrid train wreck! Nah this one ended out aight. Stuff happened and stuff. I don't know, stop reading this and read the log you little nigglets.


-Knight Swordfag

-Violet the Catgirl

-Spellbreaker Kethavel

-Wizard The Wizard

-Azra The Gypsy Healer

-Paladin Leon

The Greatest Knightmare - DM'ed by DM_of_ASStoraEdit

By far the longest campaign we've had. It's over so you have no excuse for not writing an intro anymore, Brolaire. GET TO IT FAGGOT.

Main PartyEdit

-Knightmare Sigvard/Knight Swordfag

-Violet the Catgirl

-Azra the Gypsy Healer

-Knight Lann

Supporting CharactersEdit

-Silé the Irish Squidgirl

-Ranger Kurujai

-Dual Lancer Viktor

-Slime Jim