Basic wizard


STR: 5, DEX: 1, RES: 6, SOC: 1, WIS, 5, MAGICS: 9

Signature weapon



Damage dealer/accidential teamkiller

Played by


A certain aspiring magician had fun once, and became cursed by the universe, ancient alien gods, Gaben or whatever else, to be robbed from his name and never able to take off his face-concealing robes. Having terrible luck, absolute inability to think two seconds ahead and being a huge unsociable dick in general, he nontheless keeps dreaming of achieving greatness.

Adventure SummaryEdit

Acting more on his instincts and whims rather than on reason and logic, he often finds himself in random rural villages and towns and whatnot, and jumps in first adventure/job available along with bunch of "fellow" adventurers, towards new feats, but mostly towards his (and sometimes not only his) own death.

Notable FeatsEdit

... are yet to be feated