Organ the Gnome Wrestler




Blankidy blank

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Gnome Wrestler

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"I suplex, therefore I am."

Organ the Gnome Wrestler refers not only to the original Organ, but all incarnations of the legendary wrestler. He has, at certain times, also been known as 'Fagballs'. He repeatedly dedicates his life to perfecting various wrestling techniques and finding new, interesting things to suplex. He has largely succeeded in this, paving a path to fame through brute force and alcoholism. He secretly just wants to be loved.

Adventure SummaryEdit

Organ can typically be found in a rowdy, uncouth band of wacky adventurers, taking on tasks and quests that should by all logic be far out of their depth. Like any good wrestler, he frequently manipulates the situation at hand to allow for more suplexing. He has quested with many notable adventurers over the time, but it is generally unclear as to which incarnation of Organ did what, and when. When he fights, it is with only his body. He does not use other weapons. When he is not questing, he can frequently be found in the corner of a bar, drinking until the only desire he has is that which is the most important: the desire to suplex all living creatures.

Notable FeatsEdit

Please note that this includes notable feats from all incarnations of Organ, not just the original.

  • Once suplexed an annoying little girl so hard that all of existence in their universe was ended instantly and permanently.
  • Once suplexed an entire mountain, with the help of the party's cleric, onto a holy, enchanted Lego.
  • Once jumped inside of a dragon and suplexed its heart outside of its body.
  • Defeated and accidentally killed legendary wrestler and childhood hero Holk Hugan, breaking his spine with a chair while he was on the ground. It was an accident.
  • Once got a catgirl so drunk that she raped the party knight for an entire hour, while he screamed in pleasure pain.
  • When challenged to what he thought was an honorable battle of strength by the party rogue, the rogue deviously tossed a handful of dirt into Organ's eyes. The Rogue did a triple flip over Organ which triggered Organ's short temper. Organ proceeded to activate Van Damme mode and beat the shit out of the rogue, ending with a seismic toss from twenty feet in the air.