Jim's TO-DO listEdit

Swordfag (A-) : Overworld Sprite - Completely done.

Battle Sprite - Bright blue part by neck area needs darkening.

Face Sprite : Either do a Helmetless version following the overworld sprite model, or make the current one higher quality.


Violet (C-) : Overworld Sprite - Make it look like the Wikia image a bit more?

Battle Sprite : Fix minor visual glitches on it (Arms and left leg sometimes go transparent in attacks.), or possibly match with overworld.

Face Sprite : Make it higher quality than the current one.


Brokyrie (C+) : Overworld Sprite - Retouch to look like battle sprite.

Battle Sprite - Needs tweaking.

Face Sprite - Tweak it if you want, but it seems perfect.


Dildo (C+) : Overworld Sprite - . Maybe make it fit the battle sprite more.

Battle Sprite - Nothing at the moment.

Face Sprite - Make a custom one. We've been using a stock portrait for now.


Arnold (C+) : Overworld Sprite - Is good.

Battle Sprite - Needs work, we're only using a stock one. A new one needs to be made, following his overworld sprite.

Face Sprite - Seems good, if a bit rough on edges.


Kike (E) : Overworld Sprite - Not "Gnomely" at all. Reshape it in some way to make it more fitting of the character.

Battle Sprite - Ditto.

Face Sprite - Needs a custom one. We're using a stock portrait for now.


Swordfagget (C-) : Overworld Sprite - Is perfect.

Battle Sprite - Has nothing to do with the overworld sprite. Add in a black coat, recolour the hair black.

Face Sprite - Just needs hair recolouring from blue to black.


Bardarang (D+) : Overworld Sprite - Is perfect.

Battle Sprite - Currently using a rather bad one. One matching the overworld sprite would be nice.

Face Sprite - Ditto.

 Boss Sprites - None done at the moment.