Fort Swordfag
The house of swords.


Vearpian Continent, Plains of Fagia.

Town type:

Fortificated Village

Prime Export:

Sword and sword accessories.


Knight Swordfag, The other Swordfags, Violet the Catgirl


Knight Lann

Fort Swordfag is located in the Eastern Fagian Plains, and is the bosom of House Swordfag. While it's innermost fortifications are locked to all but trusted allies, the exterior of the Fort is a welcome resting stop for wanderers and adventurers alike.With an inn, the usual job board and a few shops, although the Blackmiths are seen as "lacking" due to the fact that they only produce swords.

Curiously enough, the Fort is an extremely diverse place, housing even a group of Goblins on it's lower levels, accepting almost any species, as long as their intentions seem peaceful. This means they're constantly plundered by Easterlings and tricked by Elves, of course.

The Fort has a fighting force of Four Hundred men in total.