Dooming every vRP game since the times began

"Давай, давай!"

Dragas, a mysterious creature which considers dooming every RP he begins a top priority. To be honest, he didn't do much. Other than hosting rare mini rp adventures which pit the adventurers against impossible odds, ridiculous characters and other shit he should be sued for. Oh and don't forget his main abilities: Deus ex machina and russian narrator's voice.

Notable featsEdit

  • Summoned Sven in attack mode
  • Copied the concept of Portal, Diablo 2 act II, DotA and others
  • Got accused for faking rolls
  • Failed to doom the berserker
  • While being a god of war, remembered his childhood.
    • It caused shock and paralysis.
  • Almost killed swordfag.
  • Voiced Brolaire's epic feat.
  • Deflected Dragon's attack at level 1
  • Intimidated pussy ass monks to heal his party by making them throw healing potions at him and his party
  • As a neckbeard, he managed to scare the shit out of the guy that offered a job for his party
  • Opened a dimensional fissure which almost killed Donte's long lost brother: Vorgil

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