Dickass Thief
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5 STR/10 AGI/3 RES/6 WIS/1 SOC/10 Thievery

Signature Weapon:

Dagger, Toysword


Dickass Thief

Played by:


"Anally rape Donte with Dagger dick."

A total bastard who followed you on a whim. He takes point and cracks treasure chests before you even see them. Yeah, that thing only had 40 gold in there, definitely not 200. Not only is he sneaky, but his illusion magic is useful in and out of battle. He never really warms up to you, but he probably won't steal (as much) from you like he used to.

Adventure SummaryEdit

Currently on a quest with Hardboiled, their party has had a variety of companions coming and going, waiting for the so called "End of Nigh".

Notable FeatsEdit

-Stabbed a tavern patron in the dick.

-Looted 500 Gold from Fecal Mattered Angry Mob.

-Threw DocPine's dust at guards to escape.


-Prayed to Bobby Kotickus for all of his dosh, recieved soulstone of DIABLOW.

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