Most famous BEAR HAND weapon of Coco The Barbarian held by an asian mage.

Coco The Barbarian




10 STR/1 AGI/4 RES/1 WIS/1 SOC/10 Rage

Signature Weapons:

BEAR HANDS/Two-Handed War Axe



Played by:


"Roll to punch bear."

Coco The Barbarian is one of those people whose primary thought is always killing,demolishing and eating something.

Adventure SummaryEdit

Coco The Barbarian has participated in several adventures, he is the estabilished troublemaker of many adventuring groups, also being renowed for his BEAR HANDS,his non-thinking nature. ALOT OF BEARS are known to have been slain by his hand. He now is the king of a small barbarian village which is specialized in using two handed axes and bear hands as weapons.

Notable FeatsEdit

-Kicked a king in the nuts,punched the same king,attacked him with an axe,fought brutally with a flying armor in kings throne room and still got out alive.

-Fought a mother bear and its child,killed all and made BEAR HANDS out of the mother bears claws.

-Punched a falling tree to be a bridge with handles therefore saving the entire party.

-Tried to wear a possessed armor which ended up injuring everyone in the party and even managing to kill a few.

-Killed the game boss with a scream.

-Nutkicked a thief twice therefore making his nuts explode.

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