Clerica, Purple Priestess




1 STR, 4 AGI, 1 RES, 7 WIS, 6 SOC, 8 Holy

Signature Weapon:

Holy Staff/4th Wall



Played by:


"La-lala-lala~, putting down a quote~, for my very own~, WIkia page~!"

Clerica Priest is a follower of religion, in particular the belief of "The Fourth Wall". Clerica seems to be sweet and soft like a normal little girl on the outside, and while she can be nice to people she likes, she also has a filthy mouth, a fiesty streak, and knows more than a 13 year old really should about many "adult" topics. Clerica also has an alcoholic streak.

Adventure SummaryEdit

Clerica used to be a mere mage until she was, as she claims, "met by a goddess". The goddess gave her the gift of "fourth sight" and inspired her to change her way of life to the holy path. Shortly after, her town was burned down by a dragon, leaving her as one of the only survivors, along with other adventurers. Now she travels across the lands, spreading the faith and healing those who are injured or sick.

She is notably both a founder and the youngest member of the Adventurer's Guild of Snowtown.

Notable FeatsEdit

-Really good at holding her alchohol for a twelve year old, being somehow able to stomach hard vodka and liquor.

-Clerica once summoned and rode a Sunny D storm down from the heavens, wiping out half a field of Edgy Knights and rejuvenating the party with 25% less sugar, yet the same delicious taste!

-Through sheer strength, good timing, a sturdy staff, and possibly amazingly good luck, managed to somehow meet the strength of a Tentataur and parry it's axe.

-In an attempt to stop the power of a Doublesmancer, brought down a holy hammer of vengeance from the skies and obliterated an entire building.

-Basic laws of reality? No match. Clerica once stole a baby dragon from a locked chest without opening it. She says "I learned it from Arco".