8 STR/1 AGI/7 RES/1 WIS/1 SOC/9 Treedom

Signature Weapon:

Treedom and wits


Being a fucking tree

Played by:


"I'm a goddamn tree."

Chestnut is a just a fucking tree. Or maybe it isn't? No one really knows considering he's one of the more potent beings in the universe, if not the most. But you never know...

Adventure SummaryEdit

The only known fact about Chestnut is that when he was a young sapling an elf from nearby elven village used to hug im. And put Chestnut's body into his anus. Whole of it. He's kinda prejudiced against elves from that, but he would have nothing against meeting one that is not perverted.

Notable FeatsEdit

- Being a fucking tree.

- Fixing a broken teleport spell with FUCKING LEAFS and making it teleport not only in space, but in time too. The End of Time, welcome.


"Fertilizer, here I come!"

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