Brohalla, the "Land of Sunlight"
An Artistic Representation.



Town type:


Prime Export:

Sunny D


Brokyries of ASStora, Brolaire of ASStora

Brohalla is a majestic, enormous hall located in ASStora, ruled over by Lord Brolaire. Adventurers deemed worthy by Brolaire are sent to Brohalla upon death, led by the Brokyries - presuming they aren't fucking around and not doing their jobs. This being the case, many people don't stay dead for long in Brohalla because the Brokyries keep fucking it up. Despite that, there are a few residents who stay in Brohalla longer than a holiday visit because they actually died - a somewhat rare case as adventurers are tough bastards. Around the hall there is a vast moat of Sunny D, drawn from the only known supply in the universe: the great Sunny Sea. Various creatures live around Brohalla, such as the Brokyries, wild herds of puppies and armored pigs.

It is always sunny in Brohalla.

The Lord Brolaire is often occupied with ensuring that Brohalla remains a paradise for its residents; no easy thing considering the typical behavior of adventurers. Brolaire has no time for your petty inquiries into Brohalla, how about you kill yourself and find out so I don't have to keep writing.