Almast the Archivist
My thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched.


Str - 1 Res 3 Agi 4 Wis 9 Soc 1 Magic 9

Played by



Divine Magic and Knowledge


Scholar/Magic Support

Almast is a scholar who just loves knowledge so much that not even the universities and colleges could give him what he sought. So he went adventuring as a wandering professor who is in search of never ending knowledge.

Adventure SummaryEdit

Starting in a lively tavern, a group of adventures came while Almast was studying in the corner and was asked if he wanted to go adventuring, however, before they would allow him to be a part of their group the adventurers wanted to know what Almast could offer to help bolster the group and with a geat found of knowledge he made his smarts evident, and was allowed to join among their ranks and be considered a companion.

And thus Almasts adventures had begun from that point on.

Notable FeatsEdit

-Saved party from being killed by Bounty Hunters

-Turned party invisible to escape bandits

-Made party immune to airborn poison

-Cured DildoMages Ass

-Launched party over a forest with a fly spell

-Resisting a TENTATAURS control spell and living to tell the tale.