AdamBlue? Oh, shit son. You're talking about that one guy.

You mean that one that was like, aw, fuck, fisted a blob or something?

Yeah, yeah. Also the guy that... Fuck, MoonMage? He uppercut a mountain while his buddy suplexed it. That shit was amazing. For reals, homie.

Fuck yeah, man, I saw that time he like, killed the entire party because he just got SO FUCKING PISSED that this bitch wasn't giving out. He literally turned into a god of MAD and WRECKED the entire party. That shit was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

Yeah. He's kind of an asshole sometimes, always likes to steal the show, but he's a good player, and it's kinda humorous to watch.

Yeah, yeah.He's definately been doing better 'bout bein' super fuckin' showy. The guy is either super fucking lucky, or super fuckin' unlucky, assa late. Seems his luck's startin' to run dry.